ZoomCloud offers a large variety of Minecraft hosting; VPS, dedicated servers and Xen VPS. With more than 10 years in the business they provide you with their expertise and offers help for companies of all sizes just

Tendonsie Services

Tendonsie Servers offers high quality Minecraft servers. They have support for McMyAdmin and Multicraft. If you want to you can also get Teamspeak hosting at them as this can be an advantage of having total control of


Our services are best for you, with rapid support speed, and rapid response speed! imoHosting Is a dedicated, secure host, specializing in extremely high quality minecraft servers! Are you tired of changing hosts? Change no more! If


Starting at $3.99 per GB we offer Xeon E3 SSD Minecraft hosting.   Here at TheMcHost.co.uk we don’t just offer Minecraft server hosting, we also specialise in Storage hosting and Dedicated servers! Our Minecraft servers start at

CloudFrost Hosting

Ever go looking for a host that offers a great price and has everything you are looking for? You have found it! Most cheaper providers give you minimal support, no panel, and horrible HDD’s. CloudFrost aims to

Host Altitude

Customers come first and then hardware. Having a good relation with customers is one of the key ingredients to create a great atmosphere among customers and company. To host a Minecraft server it requires a lot of

Exodus Hosting

Exodus Hosting offers game servers for families, friends and larger communities. They want to strive to offer the best hosting offer possible no matter what sort of client you are. As Minecraft is a game which requires


Power, Performance and Price are three words which matter to Minecraft4u. All their servers are hosted on high performance servers and once you purchase any of their hosting services you’ll also gain access to a 24/7 live


Treepuncher is an affordable host with packages starting at only $5/month. Uptime is important as it’s usually downtime which triggers unhappiness. They host their servers on enterprise-grade hardware to make sure you get what you deserve –


Looking for a bit more personal host? Then have a look at Chromobyte. They are a smaller host but with great visions and a very clear idea of what a Minecraft host should be capable of. Are