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Ever go looking for a host that offers a great price and has everything you are looking for? You have found it! Most cheaper providers give you minimal support, no panel, and horrible HDD’s. CloudFrost aims to bring you the exact opposite. We provide expert support, a powerful panel, and we use SSD’s which give you the most powerful hardware available, all at a low price

Check out the benefits of ordering from CloudFrost:

Increadable Prices – Ever find yourself hate having to pay huge bills every month? We do too. That’s why CloudFrost offers you the lowest prices in the industry brought together with a whole load of features to meet your needs.

Unbeatable Support – Never pay for “Premium Support” again. CloudFrost’s dedicated support team is always here to solve your needs.

Control Panel – Control every aspect of your server. Upload plugins with one click and install every jar imaginable with ease. Our control panel comes with a free FTP file uploader for those who want to dig deeper into the configuration.

Unbeatable Hardware – Ever think you found a really cheap host? Truth is; they use HDD servers, meaning they are 80% slower than the SSD’s CloudFrost uses.

Secure System – CloudFrost takes pride in its servers, and ensures you maximum security when ordering and using your services.

Pricing – Get your server for as low as $1.99! ($8/GB)

256MB = $1.99
512MB = $3.99
768MB = $5.99
1GB = $7.99
2GB = $15.99
3GB = $23.99
4GB = $31.99
5GB = $39.99
6GB = $47.99
7GB = $55.99
8GB = $63.99

Order now!


Have a pre-sales question? Ask us HERE or in the comments!
“CF Launch” – Expires End of 2013 – 25% off first Month

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