MinecraftServer offers highly competitive prices, a great control panel, a first class support and top notch hardware to host your Minecraft server on. You can choose between several different locations in the United States and from one location in Europe (The Netherlands). Choose a location which suits your community.

Are you the owner? Click here to claim ownership now and gain access to your account details and start edit your page listing.

They have 10 different server packages to suit everybody’s needs. Both smaller packages dedicated for a couple of friends to play on and huge packages which can host up to 160 players if not more.

When purchasing hosting space from MinecraftServer.net several things are included. Not only a 24/7 support team helping you out with questions that may concern your server but also things like a very easily managed control panel, automatic backups and of course a whole lot of more things and features.

One thing that sets MinecraftServer.net out from many other server hosts is that they own their own hardware. This of course comes with up and downsides but the one thing they have a good point about is that they by this have full knowledge of what their servers are capable to and can then manage it to perform at best.

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